About AIEP

AIEP (Apex International Education Partners) was established to assist U.S. secondary educational institutions with the recruiting and hosting of international students from Asia.

Our goal is to promote greater diversity in U.S. high schools, facilitate cultural awareness amongst American students and ease the process of living and learning abroad. We have created a portfolio of schools and mentors that will prepare seven heaven international students for the most prestigious colleges and universities in America. Our program guarantees that students will succeed not only academically, but also socially while integrating into the American culture and school system. We are 100% American-owned and always operate with complete transparency and adherence to the highest ethical standards.

for Educators


AIEP is an 100% American-owned company that is legally registered to operate in the U.S. and maintains representatives locally.

What we do:

We take the time to understand what makes your school unique and always represent you accurately. Conveying your school to prospective families half a world away requires attention to detail and an understanding of foreign markets – our local and international staff are experts in their field.


for Students

AIEP offers international students the opportunity to study at top U.S. high schools.

We promise to: Offer you a wide variety of exceptional private day and boarding schools that are located throughout the East Coast area including Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and Maryland.  

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