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What Makes AIEP UniqueAIEP’s internationally diverse team and combined years of experience in the educational consulting field provides us with the expertise and knowledge to help international students achieve their long-term education and career goals. AIEP offers international homestay programs exclusively in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and Maryland with a family-oriented support network that includes:

  • Local Coordinators and Student Mentors who are available 24/7 from the day a student is placed in one of our partner schools until the day they graduate (via phone, e-mail, face to face, SKYPE and online chat)
  • Peer interaction at AIEP sponsored events including day and weekend excursions, international immersion classes and community volunteer opportunities
  • Low international-student ratio populations (5% or less) at all AIEP partner schools…study at an American high school with American students
  • Exposure to American universities and networking opportunities through AIEP sponsored college tours

What Makes AIEP UniqueAIEP is an 100% American-owned company, legally registered to operate in the U.S., and always maintains representatives and staff centrally located in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and Maryland:

  • AIEP has a team of experts with countless years of combined experience in international recruiting, educational consulting, and homestay services
  • AIEP is affiliated with a team of Academic Trainers/ESL Tutors who have many years of experience assisting students with their academics including AP courses, TOEFL, SAT, SSAT, ACT, and SAT preparation
  • AIEP understands the challenges and difficulties students encounter while studying in the U.S. – AIEP’s co-founder Feng Chen originally immigrated to the U.S. at the early age of 13 with limited English skills
  • AIEP is extremely knowledgeable about current issues affecting the education system in the U.S. – AIEP’s co-founder David Guerrera serves on his town’s local Board of Education
  • AIEP’s personnel are fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese

AIEP works with dedicated Local Coordinators who develop safe and caring homestays for each of our international students – all AIEP Host Families are:

  1. 1. Interviewed in-person through an extensive 1-hour house visit
  2. 2. Administered a national criminal, civil and sex offender background check as well as reference checks for anyone over 18 years of age living in a home

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