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For Educators AIEP is an 100% American-owned company, legally registered to operate in the U.S. and maintains representatives locally in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and Maryland. When you partner with AIEP, you can be assured that you are working with a credible consulting and homestay organization that is a phone call or car drive away – something difficult to find in today’s market when recruiting international students from China:

What we do:

  • We represent you accurately, based on close communication and campus visits, finding you students that fit your scholastic atmosphere. Conveying your unique campus culture to prospective families half a world away requires attention to detail and an understanding of foreign markets.
  • We work with your school to build a custom-tailored recruiting program that is suited to your specific needs.
  • We help you understand the challenges and requirements that come along with accepting international students into your school – we make sure that your school is ready and informed.
  • We only recruit quality students with sufficient English skills, the desire to succeed, and high social aptitude.
  • We have an expansive network of dota highrollers partners, grammar schools and high schools located across Mainland China. We are small and family-oriented, but growing and always true to our mission.
  • We make the recruiting process simple and effective while always dedicating ourselves to 100% transparency, trust and compliance between your school and our staff – there are no gray areas.

Consider us your international admissions office MINUS the time, travel and costs associated with recruiting abroad!

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