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5-Week Academic Immersion Program


When students arrive in the U.S., the cultural and academic immersion can be overwhelming. AIEP’s Academic Immersion Program is set in place for all new student arrivals to help provide a full level of support to ease the transition.


AIEP provides a team of professionals from Academic Trainers, local Team Leaders and College Mentors who are in frequent communication with the student’s school counselors and teachers as well as host families. The 5-Week Program is designed with the goal of successfully transitioning international students into the American education system.


This program is offered to new students during their first semester of study to:


  • Organize their time appropriately
  • Comprehend homework assignments
  • Construct an academic goal plan with subject-specific milestones
  • Learn how to fully utilize online academic systems issued by their school
  • Monitor academic performance to ensure that students are performing at their maximum potential
  • Help comprehend assignment directions along with the importance of completing and handing in homework in a timely manner
  • Share study, note taking, SAT and college application best practices
  • …and much more!


The student works 1-on-1 with his/her subject-specific trainer during these sessions and can receive help with understanding the material, completing homework, preparing for quizzes and tests, developing specific skills necessary to succeed in a subject and anything else related to a specific class. Trainers will also monitor the student’s online academic accounts to ensure that he/she is performing at their maximum potential.

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