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AIEP’s Academic Training Program offers a highly nurturing and supportive academic environment for international students. Each program is customized to the talents and needs of the individual child and supported 1-on-1 by highly qualified Academic Trainers. This unique aspect of the AIEP program reflects our philosophy of focusing on each child as an individual. AIEP minimizes the cost to parents, while maximizing the benefits to the student, by providing academic support services at comprehensive prices.


AIEP’s Academic Training Program promotes knowledge, independence and creativity. With our customizable Academic Tier program, even students who may have struggled in certain academic settings can be highly successful. By personalizing the student’s schedule, based on time restrictions, extracurricular activities, ESL requirements, SLEP scores and more, a student will have a better opportunity to fully immerse in American culture, education and society.


After graduating from AIEP’s Training Program, students are prepared for life in American colleges and universities. AIEP’s ultimate goal is to create a solid academic foundation from the very beginning so that students will fully understand how to fully utilize their independent thinking skills, American diploma and academic achievements to become leaders in their society of friends and family.

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